Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is the most often overlooked aspect of your website design. Keeping your links, content and appearance up to date is something that can not be over emphasised.For those of you whose time is better spent running your business, rather than learning how to modify your website, our website maintenance services can be just what you need. We are flexible, offering hourly, or time based packages depending on your needs.You may only want seasonal changes, you may need monthly changes or even daily changes. We can help.
A professional can do the required changes in a fraction of the time it would take you to learn how, and then perform on an occasional basis. Time is money, and your time is best spent doing what you do best. Running your business.We charge a very reasonable hourly rate for occasional maintenance jobs. These jobs are billed monthly.
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Our Expertise

Development Tools : Angular JS, Magneto, Prestashop, Laravel Development, python, .Net, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, BootMetro, Visual Studio, Front page, Dreamweaver, CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.

Design Tool : Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustarator, Adobe InDesign, Pagemaker, Gif Animator, Quark Express

Languages : Visual Basic, DOT Net Frame Work, Visual C++, ASP, HTML, DHTMl, Perl, Java

Database : Sql Server, Ms-Access, Mysql

Web Server : Internet Information Server, Apache, Linux

Multimedia Tool : 3D Max, Flash, Powerpoint, Director, Swish